We have heard many times that "God is Love" and also that we have been created in the image and likeness of Him, therefore we are like Him, or at least try to be.
The truth is that the feeling of love, in every sense of the word, not only romantic love but love for everything that exists, is the most powerful of all, is the energy that moves mountains, which makes gardens blooming and that creates life everywhere.

Fear and guilt are the most harmful feelings that destroy everything they touch. Everything that hurts and brings suffering comes from fear. Wars, diseases, ambition, tyranny, discrimination, greed, etc., are the result of the human being fears, who has forgotten to be God and love his creation.

Something wonderful that humans possess is consciousness and free will, consciousness helps us to understand and to discern and free will gives us the ability to choose and change the course of our lives ALWAYS.

There is no good or bad, but different degrees of consciousness, a low level of consciousness makes man believe that in order to be successful and happy, he needs to accumulate wealth and possessions, that leads him many times to be a tyrant and abuse other human beings, from a simple thief to a leader who creates a world war. All this comes from a low level of consciousness. A low level of consciousness also contributes to make us slaves of our senses, leading us to destructive addictions only for the pleasure of sensations. The body becomes addicted to these emotions and sensations and takes us away more and more from the true love feelings.

But when man begins to understand, his unlimited consciousness expands and that's when he remembers his divine origin and understands that love can create, and the more he loves, the more he creates. And by having the ability to create and manifest whatever he wants, he no longer needs to abuse or enslave others. He also understands that everything he does to another human being, good or bad, he has done it to himself, because at some point it will return in the form of Karma.

The other good news is that the level of consciousness can be transmitted between beings from the same species, that means raising our consciousness can affect other human beings and create a better world.

So my advice to you is: Love everything you do!. Love what you like, to create and attract more of the same and also loves what you do not like, in order to change it.

Everything that you put your attention towards, whether is positive or negative, it will grow up. Example: every time you complain about something that you do not like, that situation becomes worse by the mere fact of putting your attention on it. But instead you can put love on the situation and remind yourself your divine nature, then, you have the ability to change it.

There are situations that can not be changed because they don't depend on us, but we can always change our attitude towards the same situation and take it for what it is, one more experience in our journey through this life.


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